Park 29 restaurant Oslo

Welcome to Park 29, where each dish is a narrative of Norway’s rich culinary heritage. Embark on a gastronomic journey beginning with an appetizer that melds tradition and innovation: Smoked Reindeer with Creamed Mushrooms and Toasted Brioche. This dish is a testament to the wild Norwegian landscape and local craftsmanship.

For soup aficionados, our Pumpkin Soup with Chili and Bacon offers a perfect blend of sweet and spicy, ideal for warming up on chilly Oslo evenings. Or try our Cured Salmon, a Norwegian classic that we’ve revitalized with beets, horseradish, and fennel.

Our main course shines with Winter Cod and Turbot, each prepared with the season’s finest produce. For our vegetarian guests, the Roasted Pumpkin with Quinoa Salad is proof that plant-based dishes can be as rich in flavor and texture as their meat counterparts.

And finally, no meal is complete without dessert. Our Chocolate Ganache with Hazelnuts and Cherries, or Ginger Bread with Cloudberries, is sheer indulgence and the perfect finale to your dining experience.

Visit us at Park 29 for a unique dining experience that celebrates Norwegian food culture, right in the heart of Oslo. We look forward to welcoming you to a culinary adventure!

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